The Public Service Commission through its Human Resource Development Division delivered a five half days training on Conflict Management from Monday 22nd – Friday 26th June 2020.

The main aim of this training was to build the capacity of employees to better manage conflict which may occur in workplaces. The participants were mainly from Stated Owned Enterprises, and included Managers, Supervisors, Principals, Senior and Officer Levels.

Trainees were able to interact and participate in all group activities learning on the following course objectives:

  • Understand and explain the purpose and the advantage of conflict management;
  • Demonstrate effective listening skills;
  • Demonstrate and learn how to turn arguments into discussions;
  • Demonstrate the use of effective mediation and negotiation skills in order to attain a workable solution;
  • Promote trust and collaboration amongst diverse parties

The participants noted that the training gave them the opportunity to learn new conflict resolution styles to resolve conflict and were very appreciative of what was delivered and covered within the five half days. Overall, the training materials and resources used in delivering of the training also deepened their understanding on the content of the training.

This training was one of the first to kick start the training calendar after some conditions of the State of Emergency were relaxed and it was funded by the Samoa Qualifications Authority through its Post School Education and Training Support Fund with the aim to support the Public Service Commission Office in delivering recognized Non-Formal Learning activities through Consumable Support.