Time Management was the focus of a five half days training held at the Public Service Commission(PSC) on Monday 16th – Friday 20th April 2018 for the Public Sector. This training was facilitated and coordinated by the Samoa In Country Training Programme(SICTP) and the Public Service Commission. The training aims at enhancing the skills that will enable middle managers and staff across the sector to better manage their work priorities/activities on a timely manner to support the delivery of their service to the public and in achieving their organizational goals.

Twelve participants were invited from various Government Ministries were capacity built on time management with key themes including:

  • Able to learn key principles/tools of time management to improve performance in the workplace.
  • Able to use acquire knowledge & skills to develop practical plan of activities which is directly drawn from what services needed to be delivered to achieve annual performance budget or corporate plans.
  • Able to better understand how time management differ in local cultural context and discuss approaches to approach and address conflicting values in the workplace.

The calibre of participants who attended the training included Principal, Senior and Officer levels positively reflected on day 5 on lessons learnt such as:

  • The training enhanced their understanding on time management principles and tools to manage and improve their performance;
  • The training discussed habits of highly effective time management;
  • The training allowed participants to reflect on their learning during the one-week training and develop action plans to better manage their time at work;
  • The training enhanced their understanding on prioritising and allocation of work;
  • The training enabled participants to create a network among themselves.

Faasootauloa Levusi Levi from the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture delivered a thank you speech on behalf of the participants. He acknowledged God for the opportunity given to be part of this training, he also expressed his sincere gratitude to SICTP, PSC, Development Partners and MNRE for making this training possible and thanking them for their certificates. He went on saying that each one of them have been filled with so much knowledge and skills from the training and they will apply all what has been learned to improve their performance which will help meet their organisational goals.

The Training was conducted by Kim Charteris – Wright from Free Spirit Training and Development Ltd in New Zealand with Faafetai Vaevaina from PSC as the Co- Trainer.

Mrs. Lineta Tamanikaiyaroi Director for the Oloamanu Centre for Professional Development and Continuing Education, in her closing remarks said that everything we do is controlled by time but we can manage time to achieve our set goals and targets.

During certificate presentations, Sarona Esera-Filipo, ACEO of the Public Service Commission for the Human Resource and Development Division, conveyed appreciation on behalf of the Commission on the partnership between PSC, SICTP and MNRE – GEF/ EWACC Project in ensuring that our people are capacity built on training needs identified. She also acknowledged the continuous support from the Development Partners (NZAid & DFAT). She encouraged the participants to utilise the principles, practices and skills learned from the training to improve their performance and effectively use minimum time to achieve their organisational goals.