The Public Service Commission in partnership with the University of New England Partnerships Ltd, Australia delivered an Executive Development Program (EDP) targeting Government Ministries CEO’s, ACEO’s and Principal levels. The purpose of this program is to provide direction for the professional development of current and future public service leaders. The program was divided into 2 cohorts in which the first cohort completed their 5 half days of training from the 11th – 15th June while the second cohort completed their training from the 18th – 22nd June 2018 at Travellers Point, Malifa. The Training was conducted by John Ross of Taking Action Ltd from Australia. The participants were given a 3 months period to complete their assessments on line.

Forty- three participants from Government Ministries participated in this training and were capacity built on tools and theories related to leadership and management. The calibre of participants who attended the training were mostly ACEO’s and Principal level. They were appreciative of the opportunity to be part of the program and were empowered and inspired during the training. It was also an opportunity for emerging new leaders to network and shared experiences with CEO and ACEO participants. All positively reflected on the last day of each week on lessons learnt which benefitted their 5 half days learning that been a leader is a challenge and a leader needs to understand him or herself first before developing others. Majority will apply what they have learned to their current roles as leaders.

Ms. Sarona Esera-Filipo, ACEO of the Public Service Commission for the Human Resource and Development Division, conveyed appreciation on behalf of the Commission on the partnership between PSC and UNE in ensuring participants are empowered, inspired and capacity built.

Cohort 1:

Back Row (L- R): Sarona(PSC), Malaefono(MAF), Melesete(MfR), Moana(MPE), Sharon(MJCA), Ana(MESC), Perelini(OOTR), Elita(MPE), Faafetai (PSC), Senetima (MFAT), Renate(MPMC), Kristina(MOF), Fusi (MOH) & Kalena(PSC).
Front Row (R-L): Eleline(PSC), Ah Mu (MfR), John Ross(Trainer), Aliielua (SBS), Cam (MPE), Ronnie(OOTR)& Beverly(PSC). Absent: Akenese (MJCA)

Cohort 2:

Back Row (L – R): Michael(MPE), Peter(PSC), Sydney(PSC), Nanai(MWCSD), Vincent(MCIL) & Timothy(MOF)
Middle Row (R-L): Apaula(MPMC), Oliana(MPMC), Osana (PSC), Matimaivasa(MCIT), John, Peresitene(MOF)Ailepata(SBS),), Vitilevu(OEC) & Efi(MOF).
Front Row (L-R): Tracy(PSC), Fuatai(MOH), Rousianna(MCIT), Philana(MCIL) Fetogi(OEC),Silaumua(MWCSD) & Penina(MESC). Absent: Fetoloai(MNRE)