The 3rd Human Resource Coordinators (HRC) Forum for Financial Year 2016/17 was held on Thursday 30th March 2017. A total of 16 Human Resource Coordinators and 15 observers attended the Forum. The final HRC Forum for this financial year is scheduled for June 2017.

 The Forum noted the need to strengthen the responsiveness of Central Agencies to Ministry requests, particularly in Human Resources Management areas. It called for improved collaboration between the PSC and Ministries to ensure consistency of advice and effective implementation of HR processes and systems in place.

The round table discussions highlighted the need for more awareness on the importance of the Performance Appraisal System, as well as the new Working Conditions and Entitlements Manual. Some HRC members, such as the Samoa Law Reform Commission, shared best practices to improve capacity and skills of the organization as a whole. The Forum serves as a networking opportunity also for Ministries with central agencies such as PSC.