The Cabinet in its FK (20) 35 approved the commemoration of the Public Service Day (PSD) on the 25th of September 2020. However, due to the Cabinet Development Committee’s site visits which coincided with planned events, the PSD was therefore postponed to be celebrated on 2nd October, 2020.

Similar to the PSD celebrations in 2018 and 2019, Government Agencies are asked to conduct awareness-raising activities for the public particularly on services they provide. Agencies have also been asked to utilize digital avenues as another mode of communication to promote as per State of Emergency Orders issued by Cabinet.

The Office of the Public Service Commission continue to do its part in informing the public of the role of the public service in general, through the distribution of the updated Information Packages to all schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture.

Copies of the Information Packages will be circulated to all Government Agencies and will also be made available on the PSC website and PSC Facebook page or can be downloaded from the following link:

The Public Service Performance and Policy Division of the PSC Office can be contacted with regards to issues or queries in relation to the Public Service Day, via the following email address: