The Public Administration Sector is in the final phase of the development process of the new Public Administration Sector Plan 2019 – 2024. In accordance with the Government of Samoa Sector Planning Manual 2015, the Sector completed its Outcomes Mapping workshop on the 21st June, 2019 at the Development Bank Conference Room. The workshop was facilitated collectively by the Public Administration Sector Steering Committee, with technical assistance provided by the Ministry of Finance.

The Chairman of the Public Administration Sector Steering Committee and also the Chairman of the Public Service Commission, Afioga Aiono Mose Sua delivered the opening remarks. Aiono highlighted that it was the Steering Committee’s intention that the successor PASP is developed in a participatory, inclusive and evidence-based approach. He added that it was the Committee’s hope that by adopting this method to sector planning development, the new PASP will strengthen a sense of ownership within the Sector and amongst its partners, address some of the issues and gaps identified in the review of the previous PASP and strengthen the PASP to be the overarching framework to guide and support improvements in service delivery across Government.”

Outcomes Mapping is an approach for planning, monitoring and evaluating programs in each Sector as per the National Planning Framework. The activity is encouraged to ensure that the “End of Sector Plan Outcomes” is aligned with national priority areas identified in the Strategy for the Development of Samoa. It is a participatory process with key sector stakeholders, and the result is usually an Outcomes Map which contributes to the development of a Risk Management Plan and a Monitoring framework for the Sector Plan.

The Sector Outcomes Mapping exercise was well attended by member agencies of the sector.