In August 2018, Samoa was drawn as a reviewing State Party for Fiji in the second review cycle, together with the United Kingdom. Samoa was tasked with the review of Chapter 2 of the UN Convention Against Corruption on preventive measures. Between August 2018 – June 2019, the PSC as the focal point for the UNCAC coordinated Samoa’s efforts in relation to Fiji’s Self-Assessment Checklist of its implementation of the Convention. Samoa was required to nominate 15 governmental experts to be included in the review process, based on the technical areas under review.

The review involved a series of teleconference meetings, workshops, and a 3-day country visit to Fiji to undertake face to face consultations with technical agencies and personnel responsible for the UNCAC. The government of Samoa was represented at the country visit by Assistant Chief Executive Officer Osana Liki-Ward of the Public Administration Sector Coordination Division, PSC. The Sector Coordination Division had been spearheading Samoa’s accession and review processes in collaboration with the Office of the Attorney and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. These were all part of the work under the Public Administration Sector Planning framework.

The final stage of the review is the finalization of the Country Report which takes into account the responses provided by Fiji, the additional findings from the country visit, as well as the secondary material provided by those consulted.