The Public Service Commission in partnership with the Oloamanu, delivered its first Samoa In-Country Training Programme for FY18-19 on Project Management held at the Ministry of Health Conference Room at Moto’otua from Monday 20th – Friday 24th August 2018. This program was designed in ensuring that all public servants must able to manage a variety critical projects which will impact the sector as a whole.

Forty-six participants invited from Government Ministries and State-Owned Enterprises were built on tools and ideas on how to manage Project itself, with key themes:

  • Describe what project management is and how it applies to their work in the Samoa Public Service
  • Explain and apply the key principles of project management to the work in the SPS
  • Understand how to apply the life cycle of project management to their work
  • Develop a framework for project management
  • Demonstrate an ability to manage the scope of a project

The calibre of participants who attended the training included ACEOS, Principal and Senior Officers who are in their everyday work ensure managing organisations’ projects implemented. Participants reflected on day 5 on lessons learnt and provided positive feedback such as:

  • The training gave added knowledge and skills on how to effectively conduct Project in their workplace
  • Gain understanding of Project Planning and programming framework
  • Knowing more how to identify main challenge of project management
  • Demonstrating the 5 stages of project management
  • The training identifying, creating and appraising the project
  • The training also enabled participants to create networks

Tyron Lam, Principal Safety Auditor from the Samoa Airport Authority delivered the thank you speech on behalf of the participants. He acknowledged with appreciation the new knowledge and skills acquired from the training, which they will apply in their respective work places.

The Training was conducted by Susan Piket, with Sheila Warren (Human Resource Development Officer) as the Co-Ordinator.

Sarona Esera, ACEO Human Resource and Development Division for PSC, in the presentation of Certificates for the Participants congratulates the participants and acknowledged their participation during the training. She acknowledged the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for their continuous support through partnership with GEF (Globally Environmentally Facility) under the Economy Wide Adaptation to Climate Change (EWACC) Project. She also acknowledged the support of the Government of Samoa (Oloamanu Centre for Professional Development & Continuing Education – NUS) and the Development Partners (NZMFAT & DFAT), through the continuation of this vital Capacity Building initiative for all sectors in Samoa, under the Education Sector Support Programme (ESSP) 2015 – 2018. Again, she emphasized on the importance of the applications and knowledge sharing of the learning from this training in the workplace.

1st Row (L-R): Posenai Patu(NHS), Malili Po Ching (STA), Faletao Polutea (MWTI), Susan Piket (Trainer), Sydney Faasau (Oloamanu Manager), Sarona Esera (ACEO HRD), Moria Tauaanae (SLAC), Fuaselela Iupeli (NHS Savaii), Elizabeth Toomata (MWTI)

2nd Row (L-R): Olive Kaio(MJCA), Tyron Lam (SAA) Pointsettia Epati (SBS), Tilianamua Aloalii (MWTI), Temukisa Faumuina (MESC), Pafuti Miller (SWA), Dikaiosune Tamāli’I (MPMC), Ilovea Faamatuainu (MCIL), Darlene Finau-Betham (SPA), Tauatia Tuimauga (MPE), Miriama Elisaia (MNRE), Ogeai Auapaau (SSS), Imeleta Luatimu (MOP), Andrew Chadwick (MFR), Rosita Nickel (SIFA), Verutina Isaia- Iosia (MESC), Amia Mauigoa (DBS), Uelese Tupuola (MCIT)

3rd Row (L-R): Anarosa Latulipe (MAF), Sharon Boyson (MJCA), Christopher Fruean (EPC), Iopu Leaana (SPCS), Grace Malaga (MNRE), Rosalie Liu Kuey (AG), Sharon Roma  (MCIL), Uputaua Lauvi (MCIL), Lagi Faanati (MOH), Kalameli Soo (MWTI), Talauati Sione (MESC), Jeremiah Lafaele (NUS)

4th Row (L-R): Tolagi Opetaia (MOF), Junior Faamau (LTA), Timothy Komiti (SQA), Leicester Cook (MWTI), John Tusiupu (NKF), Isaako Leota (SPA), Richard Sale (SSC)