The 4th annual Public Service Day was held on the 25th of September 2015 to commemorate, celebrate and recognize the public sector’s contribution and service into achieving the national development of Samoa. The theme for this year’s   Public   Service   Day   was “Celebrating the Public Service of Samoa”.

Close to 50 Government Ministries and Public Bodies took part in this year’s celebrations and were ready to parade along Beach Road by 8am Friday morning. The parade was led by the Police Band to the front of the FMFM II Building.

Reverend Taumafai Komiti of the Matafele Methodist Church blessed the day with a prayer and a word of encouragement. Rev. Komiti reiterated that the work of public servants go unnoticed and unacknowledged most of the time; however this should not be seen as a discouragement as the work we do is for the glory of God and not man.

In his keynote address, the Honorable Minister for the Public Service Commission and Minister for Public Enterprises, Afioga Lautafi Fio Selafi Purcell acknowledged the service and efforts of all public servants against the number of limitations and criticisms they face each day. The Minister’s speech is featured on page 16 for more information.

The Public Service Innovation and Excellence Awards ceremony followed suit, recognizing the dedication of public servants in achieving their   respective   Ministry’s   and   Office’s objectives. Nominations for eligible awardees were invited from the general public in August and were all assessed by an independent panel consisting of 3 members; the Chamber of Commerce President on behalf of the private   sector,   SUNGO Interim President Vaasilifiti Moelagi Jackson on behalf of the civil society, and the Chairman of the Commission.   The awards ceremony included presentations for 2 categories;   the   individual awards category and the team awards.

The 7 individual categories and awardees are presented below:

  1. Public Awareness Initiative – awarded to Ms. Juney Ward, MNRE
  2. Community Participation Initiative – awarded to Mr. Tanuvasa Faamanatu Solomona, MCIL
  3. Organizational Development and Capacity Building Initiative – awarded to Mrs.   Aliimuamua   Malaefono Taaloga, SBS
  4. Customer   Service/Service   Delivery Initiative – awarded to Ms. Naomi Tausa Mavaega, SQA
  5. Inspirational Leadership – awarded to Mrs. Mata’utia Rula Levi, SHC & Mr. Leota Laki Lamositele Sio, NHS
  6. Recognition of Long Service – awarded to Mr. Vaaelua Nofo Vaaelua, MWTI
  7. People’s Choice Award – awarded to Mr. Aiono Mose Pouvi Sua, MFAT

The 6   team   categories   and   awardees   are presented below:

  1. Public Awareness Initiative – awarded to the MNRE Management Team for the Environment Week Initiative & SQA as an organization
  2. Community Participation Initiative – awarded to the Crops Division, MAF for Reviving Taro Export Initiative
  3. Organizational Development and Capacity Building Initiative – awarded to the Public Finance Management taskforce, MOF, for the Public Finance Management Reform Plan
  4. Use of Technology/Information Management Systems Initiatives – awarded to the ICT Division, SBS
  5. Development Initiative – awarded to the Forestry   Division,   MNRE, for   the ICCRIFS Project of Environment & Conservation, MNRE Environmental Friendly/Sustainable
  6. People’s Choice Award – awarded to the National Reserves Section, Division of Environment & Conservation, MNRE

An exhibition for Government Ministries and Public Bodies was held in parallel at the TATTE building. It was a free platform for the 30 agencies that participated to raise awareness of the services they provide to the public and any   new   developments   they   had   wanted publicized.

The general public as well as schools were invited to take advantage of the opportunity to engage with Government agencies to gain an in- depth understanding of the functions and roles of each of the participating agencies and how it relates to everyday life. This is a key activity under the PASP and it is anticipated that this would be an annual activity that would coincide with the celebration of the Public Service Day to promote the role of Government to its citizens.