The influence of technology in work environments is without dispute. The growing necessity of computers in any workplace, demands that employees must be efficient users. The Basic Computing Skills training addressed the need for efficient use of the Microsoft programmes, the internet and email for correspondences in the workplaces.

A few government ministries and State-Owned Enterprises were invited to have the correct employees attend this empowering training. The target audience were clerical level employees. As a result, eighteen (18) participants attended the training from Monday 10th June to Friday 14th June, 9.30am to 1.30pm at Samoa Shipping Services’ new conference facility, Savalalo.
While the Samoa In-Country Training Program (SICTP) ensured that this training prevailed, the MNRE Water and Sanitation Sector supported the sustenance of the participants for the training duration. With such support, the trainees eagerly engaged in learning more about:

  1. Computer Storage
  2. Managing Emails and Correspondences
  3. Microsoft Applications
  4. PowerPoint Presentations
  5. Mathematics applications using technologies

With such a dynamic course design at hand, trainee feedback and informal assessments confirmed growing skills and knowledge in basic computing to their daily work tasks. These skills and knowledge include:

  • Saving, storing and retrieving files and folders, with the fundamental understanding of hierarchy and directories
  • Creating tables and graphs through Microsoft (MS) Word and MS Excel, for an inclusive data comprehension and for ease of reference
  • Simplifying administrative tasks with MS Word functions such Mail Merge
  • Simplifying complex mathematical calculations using various MS Excel formulas and functions available
  • Identifying the links MS Access Database can create and contribute to a report.
  • Creating an email account and understanding its enabling capacity in sharing files and folders
  • Creating a presentation that features not only text but also images and graphs

The professional development strategy of this training had a progressive and interactive learning focus. The expertise of trainer, Ainu’u Fo’ilagi Fa’amausili (Training Consultant under SICTP) and her assistant Auimatagi Misioka Tanielu, carried the content of the course with the support of co-trainer Lenara Tuipoloa-Utuva (PSC Principal Training and Development Consultant) and training coordinator, Saine Vaai-Faolotoi (PSC Senior Human Resource and Planning Officer).

The Samoa In-Country Training Program (SICTP) courses continue to be recognized under the Non-Formal Learning by the Samoa Qualifications Authority. In this respect, Sooalo Sydney Faasau would like to acknowledge the support from the Development Partners (NzAid & DFAT) and the Government of Samoa (Oloamanu Center for Professional Development & Continuing Education – NUS), for continually supporting training initiatives for employee Capacity Building for all sectors in Samoa. Special acknowledgement goes to the contribution made to this training by the MNRE Water and Sanitation Sector.