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The Samoa Public Service Commission issues a range of information covering a wide range of HR issues. The following manuals, legislations, reports and plans are current under the Public Service Act 2004.


Public Service Act

Public Service Regulations 2008

Constitution of the Independent State of Samoa


Recruitment & Selection – Senior Executives Handbook 2016

The purpose of this handbook provides the policy process for recruitment and selection of all Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Contract Employees in the Samoa Public Service.

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Recruitment & Selection – For General Employees 2016

The aim of this manual is to outline the policy, process and procedural guidelines for CEOs, line managers and Human Resource (HR) personnel to recruit, select and appoint the best, most competent person based on merit and that the recruitment, selection and appointment (R&S) processes are carried out in a fair, transparent, consistent and professional manner.

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Managing of the Breaches of Code of Conduct Manual

This Manual is designed to assist Ministries in managing breaches of the Code of Conduct by Officers and Contract Employees in the SPS in accordance with the current legislative framework.

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Working Conditions & Entitlements Manual

This Manual provides a factual and clear guide to working conditions and entitlements for all Public Servants in the Samoa Public Service.

Updated 23/06/2021

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