The Office of the Public Service Commission through its Human Resource Development & Training Division (HRD) conducted a 3 day “Hire Me Training” that was held at the Public Service Commission (PSC) Conference Room from the 7th – 9th September 2020.

The practical design of this training was designed to support the participants’ current efforts in securing employment in government agencies or in the private sector.

Thirteen (13) University graduates with Bachelor degrees’ in different fields were invited to participate in this training focusing on:

  • Gaining a general understanding of the Public Service and its functions;
  • Understanding employment processes and procedures in the Public Service;
  • Locating jobs and requesting for application packages;
  • Filling in application forms and answering selection criteria;
  • Writing a curriculum vitae or resume and cover letter;
  • Preparing for a successful interview.

These university graduates reflected on how essential this training was for them at this time as they look for employment opportunities. The one-on-one sessions were very productive as participants sat down with the trainers to fill application forms, write resumes and curriculum vitae, cover letters and practice for potential interviews. They also acknowledged with appreciation the opportunity for such capacity building, and all look forward to be hired and employed soon.

In closing, the Assistant Chief Executive Officer for the HRD thanked the participants for taking the time to attend this important training and encouraged them to have the confidence to apply and seek assistance from the HRD team when needed.

The training was carried out by principal training consultants Ms. Lenara Tuipoloa Utuva and Ms. Angela Palu Phineas of the PSC Office.