3The Honourable Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Afioga Sala Sili Epa in his opening speech encouraged public servants to be the solution in improving service delivery.

The 5th Annual Public Service Day was held on 30 September 2016 to celebrate and recognize the public sector’s contribution to the national development of Samoa. The theme for this year’s Public  Service  Day was “Celebrating  the Public Service of Samoa”.

The   Acting   Prime   Minister   acknowledged   the service and efforts of all public servants against the number of limitations and criticisms they face each day. He urged the public servants to serve the public with high diligence and the best of their abilities  and  with  compassion. “I  also  strongly encourage   you   to   serve   our   country   with professionalism,   3badministering   well   managed processes in a truly coordinated manner, ensuring cost-effectiveness, efficiency and transparency and that you as individuals be held accountable for your actions and performances.  Needless to say, I advise you to become the solution and not the problem, to be facilitators rather than encumbrances.”

Archbishop   Lauano   Falaniko   Matulino   of   the Immaculate Catholic Church blessed the day with a prayer and a word of encouragement. Archbishop Matulino   reiterated   that   the   work   of   public servants go unnoticed and unacknowledged most of   the   time   but   this   should   not   be   a discouragement as the work we do is for the glory of God and not man.

3dClose  to  40  government  Ministries  and  Public Bodies marched along the Beach Road from the Samoa Fire Service Headquarters to the front of the Government Building to commemorate this special occasion.

There were no special awards presented for this year’s Public Service Day as it is only done in every two years as per usual practice. Therefore, these special awards will be held next year at the 6th Annual Public Service Day.

The Minister’s speech is available here for more information.