Training Course Title: PSC212209 Recruitment and Selection; Performance Management Systems Training
Trainers / Co-trainers: PSC Human Resource Management Division and PSC Corporate & Human Resource Advisory Services.
Facilitator: Lenara Tuipoloa-Utuva
Administrator: Ianeta Peseta

The success of the Human Resource Management Functional Framework depends on its inter-connected components, in particular the Recruitment and Selection process, and the Performance Management Systems established in the Government Ministries for fair and meritorious selection and development of employees. These particular components of the Framework have been the focus of trainings over the years because of the identified need for capacity building in these areas. The Office of the Public Service Commission delivered this training over 4 half days, whereby 2 days were committed to the Recruitment and Selection process, and the other 2 days for the Performance Management Systems. This training was held at the PSC Conference Room from the 27th to the 30th June, 2022.
The training design ensured that the participants would have better capacity in these two areas, guided by these learning objectives:

Recruitment and Selection System:
• Understanding the bigger picture – broad objectives linking recruitment and selection to inform the right/best fit for a job.
• Understanding the steps to an effective recruitment strategy
• Demonstrate and understand the importance of a Merit System of recruitment
• Understanding, demonstrate the different tools of analyzing, evaluating jobs and assessing Merit

Performance Management System:
• Explaining the rationale for conducting performance appraisals
• Understanding best practice performance management processes
• Describing what constitutes an effective performance appraisal for improved organizational performance and continuous development of employee capabilities

A total of 17 participants attended this training from their respective Ministries’ Corporate Services, and engaged in interactive sessions which not only built their capacity in these areas but confidence in the value of the work that they do. The Chairman of the Public Service Commission – Lauano Vaosa Epa confirmed the value of this training in her welcome and closing address, encouraging the participants to trust their ability and put acquired knowledge and skills into practice