A training on FINANCE ADMINISTRATION for Government Ministries was held at the Office of the Public Service Commission’s Conference Room on Tuesday14th to Friday 17th June, 2022. The training was conducted to enable public servants to refresh and learn new methods and techniques to equip them to better handle Finance Administration work within their line Ministries.
Sixteen participants were invited from Government Ministries and were trained on Finance administration skills which will help improve their Ministry’s core functions key themes including:
• Explaining what Finance and Administration in the Public Service;
• Describing the processes and apply key principles involved in Finance and Administration;
• Understanding different areas which cover the role in Finance and Administration;
• Identifying the challenges faced in the work of Finance and Administration;
• How better Finance and Administration service contributes to the success of the Public Service

The caliber of participants that attended the training included those at officers’, senior and principal levels who were equipped with skill sets on finance administration within their own line of work.
Mr. Risati Mohr from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries delivered a thank you speech on behalf of the participants. He acknowledged the Office of the Public Service Commission for the opportunity given to refresh their knowledge and skills and capacity built them in performing finance administration task in their workplaces.
The Training was conducted by Tamara Filoi-Lene (ACEO – Corporate & Human Resource Advisory Services) and Naama Sinei (Principal Payroll Officer) from the Ministry of Finance, co-trained by Angela Palu-Phineas (Principal Training & Development Consultant) and facilitated by Saine Vaai-Faaolotoi (Senior Human Resource & Planning Officer).
Saliloimanatu Margraff, ACEO – Human Resource Management Division, thanked all participants for taking up this opportunity as she delivered the closing remarks and certificate presentation on behalf of the Chairman and Management of the Office of the Public Sector Commission (PSC).
PSC continues to be a Non-Formal Education Provider providing capacity building trainings across the Public Sector for better performance.