A training on Communication for the Public Sector was held at the Samoa Shipping Services (SSS) Conference room for 3 half days on the 20th – 22nd April, 2022.
Communication skills form the basis of all our relationships. Through an understanding of our own personal communication style and the styles of others, we will enhance our abilities to create lasting impressions. This course equips the participants with the skills to listen effectively, provide constructive feedback and communicate with confidence. It is designed to be interactive and resourceful for identifying and valuing communication skills within the Public Sector.
Fifteen participants were invited from the various Ministries, seven of the participants did not attend due to covid restrictions and only eight managed to participate and capacity built on Communication skills, with key themes including:

1. Recognize the importance of effective communication in various situations.
2. Improved interpersonal skills by understanding different personalities and their preferred communication styles.
3. Identify listening as an active, constructive process and practice active listening.
4. Use positive statements to lead people towards positive actions.
The caliber of participants that attended the training included those at officers’ level as well as senior staff members who were equipped with skill sets on how to communicate internally and externally at their workplaces. Reflection of learning was evidenced in the knowledge shared during:
• Group discussions and hands on activities conducted;
• Role plays conducted on the last day that impressively showcased scenarios where communication is absent and present in the workplace.
The Training was conducted by Mrs Angela Palu-Phineas (Principal Training and Development Consultant) with Co-Trainer Mrs Lenara Tuipoloa-Utuva (Principal Training and Development Consultant) and facilitated by Mrs Saine Vaai-Faolotoi (Senior Planning Officer) and Ms. Ianeta Peseta (HR and Planning Officer) of PSC.
The Office of the Commission continues to be a Non-Formal Education Provider providing capacity building trainings across the Public Sector for better performances.