Customer Service in the Public Sector and in all sectors is crucial to both customer satisfaction and service growth and development. As a primary point of interaction in the Public Service, the emphasis on Customer Service is strong and key in achieving Better Public Services, which is one of three current Public Administration Sector Plan Outcomes. Invitations were sent out to Government Ministries and all were well represented with 18 training participants..

The 4 half days of training focused on these objectives:

  • Excellent frontline customer service concepts & principles within their tasks & activities.
  • Establishing a reputation for frontline customer service reliability, consistency & high-performance standards.
  • Understand the importance of effective communication in delivering exceptional customer service.
  • Designing consistent & best practice internal & external customer procedures for public service environment.

The training participants who attended were Officers and Senior Officers who are mostly new to the public service, and the training clearly provided a positive level footing to developing their careers. An interactive environment was set from the first day with practical scenarios, group activities and discussions which the participants utilized to better themselves, taking on the various experiences and approaches in customer service. This training also set out to inspire these young service providers to take initiative and be more involved with developing the customer service in their workplaces.

All the participants were acknowledged with certificates and encouraged to have a positive attitude that allows them to “Be AWESOME” in their customer service delivery, at all times in any setting. Furthermore they were encouraged to transfer what they have received through this training into their duties and responsibilities to mark an improvement in the customer service of their respective Ministries.