Co-Trainers: Tamara Lene and Lenara Tuipoloa-Utuva

Office Administration is crucial in for any employee and in any workplace setting, because they are the daily tasks that complete duties and responsibilities. While this is the basis for this training, the specific focus is on office administration required of Human Resources (HR) personnel working in Government Ministries.

The Office Administration training for HR Government Personnel was carried out at the PSC Conference Room, for three (3) half days from the 4th to 6th May, 2021. Seventeen (17) participants representing Government Ministries engaged in this capacity building space focused on:

1. The application of Office Administration skills to their daily tasks
2. Understanding HR processes and protocols in the Public Sector domain
3. The correct application of that knowledge of HR processes and protocols, in various HR forms and matters.

The participants are already working in their respective Ministry’s HR Divisions, as Officers or Senior Officers in HR, Administration, Records, Payroll and/or a mix of these roles.
In performing their duties and responsibilities, there are governing policies and regulations, as well as processes and protocols which must be adhered to so as to uphold uniformity and professionalism across the Public Service Administration Sector.
Thus the training was tailored towards establishing and confirming the expected HR processes and practices within Government Ministries. It was therefore important to create an interactive environment in the training room with the training delivery including presentations as well as:

1 Practical activities on processes and protocols with particular reference and use of the common HR forms
2 Reflections and round table discussions on current processes and possible ways forward

Participants were encouraged towards knowledge sharing with their colleagues, and to correct apply what they have learnt in their workplaces. Lastly, they were acknowledged with certificates, for their participation and confirmation of knowledge and skills.