Trainers: Angela Palu-Phineas and Lenara Tuipoloa-Utuva

A report is a short, sharp, concise document which is written for a particular purpose and audience. It generally sets out and analyses a situation or problem, often making recommendations for future action.

A training on Report Writing was held at the Samoa Shipping Services conference room at Savalalo for four (4) half days, from the 15th – 18th March, 2021. Twenty participants were invited from the State-Owned Enterprises and were trained and capacity built on how to write and conduct efficient and effective reports with key themes including:

 Techniques on how to connect with audiences when writing reports.
 Demonstrate knowledge on report writing process.
 Demonstrate knowledge on different types of report structure.
 To produce a well written report.

The caliber of participants that attended the training included those at officers’ and senior levels as well as principal level who were equipped with skill sets on how to conduct, write and create a well written report. Reflection of learning was evidenced in the knowledge shared during:

 group discussions and hands on activities conducted;
 presentations conducted on the last day that impressively showcased application of report writing skills and styles learnt throughout the training.

In closing, the trainers thanked the participants and not only encouraged them to share with their teams what they have gained from the training, but to practice what they have learned so far in their workplaces.
Their participation and new set of skills which are recognised by the Samoa Qualifications Authority (SQA), were confirmed with Certificates. The SQA was also acknowledged for their continuous support rendered to the PSC training programs, ensuring the ongoing delivery of these recognised trainings.