The Office of the Public Service Commission undertook a Harassment Survey of the public administration in December 2015, to determine whether or not harassment existed in the Public Service workplaces. It also aimed to determine whether an overarching Harassment Policy for the whole Public Service should be developed to address the issue.

The survey is a good starting point to address data gaps particularly on this topic. The initiative is part of the Commission’s functions in planning, promoting and developing policies for Government employees, ensuring that they are provided with an enabling and safe environment to work within.

In addition, Goal 3 of the Public Administration Sector Plan 2014-2018 aims to promote and maintain consistent and relevant integrity standards across the whole public service. The main objective is to ensure that all employees feel safe and supported and it is anticipated that this would translate into improved service delivery particularly for Government clients and the public in general.

It is expected that the analysis of the survey results should provide a clear direction for the Commission to decide whether harassment is indeed an issue within the public service and what mechanisms it would need to develop or strengthen to address any related issues that might arise in the future.