The annual commemoration of the Public Service day in previous years included exhibitions by Government Agencies showcasing their products and services to students and the general public for their information and awareness. However, it was noted that although these initiatives helped raise the awareness of students and the general public on services provided by Government Agencies, the scope was narrow and limited to only a selected few schools.

In light of this and to ensure a more all-inclusive, nation-wide approach, the Introductory Information Package (IIP) was developed.

Targeting all schools at both Primary and College level, the IIP will provide students with the following information:

  1. A general definition of the Public Service;
  2. Introduction of the Primary roles of the Public Servants;
  3. Benefits of being a Public Servant;
  4. The three Arms of Government, specifically the Legislative and Executive Arms of Government; and
  5. Contact list of ALL Government Agencies with their websites and telephone numbers for research purposes.

The IIP is also anticipated to serve as a guide to help students decide their academic courses depending on the career path that they wish to pursue.

The IIP will be distributed by the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture to schools nation-wide in October 2018. It will also be made available on the Office of the Public Service Commission’s webpage via the following link: