The Public Service Commission conducted its second round of combined Monitoring and Evaluation visits for the financial year 2016/2017 from 16th January to the 3rd February 2017. 

The Public Administration Sector Coordination Division (PASCD) monitored the development of Service Charters and Complaints Management Processes, as a result of the 2nd PASP annual review in 2016. The review highlighted the need for the PSC to focus on addressing service delivery issues raised by the public from time to time. The integration of gender and vulnerable groups in policy development processes was also covered as part of the M&E exercise.

The exercise led to the enforcement of FK00 (25) on the development of Service Charters. The Commission issued a CM to give effect to the FK and urged Ministries to include a Complaints Management Process therein to handle service delivery-related issues from the general public. This is to ensure that all Offices are held accountable for the level of service they provide at all times. The PSC also encouraged Heads of agencies to ensure their staff at all levels are aware of the charter and to follow accordingly. The PSC will continue to monitor the process and outcomes of the same during scheduled M&E visits.

Other divisions focused on the level of compliance with performance management and recruitment selection processes, as well as the management of working conditions and entitlements for permanent and contract employees. Performance targets for Government contractual employees were also assessed in accordance with the Performance Management Guideline 2014.


Another pivotal area assessed was the data integrity for employee details on the “People One Finance One” system for all Ministries under the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission. Professional training statistics for both local and overseas training for permanent staff were also validated during this exercise. The opportunity was given to Ministries to recommend ways to improve the implementation of training provided by PSC and the Samoa In-Country Training Program.