Senior Executives Services

The Senior Executive Services ensures proper management and administration of all human resource management functions pertaining to employment of the Senior Executive level (contractual employees) within the Public Service. The areas that we mainly concentrate on are:

  • Manage, Administer and Assist the following processes and related policies for Senior Executives (CEOs, ACEOs, Consultants, Managers) of the Public Service:
    • Recruitment and Selection
    • Working Conditions
    • Entitlements
    • Breach of the Code of Conduct
    • Grievances
    • Employment Contracts
  • Administer and facilitate performance review / assessments for Senior Executives (CEOs, ACEOs, Consultants, Managers) in the Public Service.
  • Provide policy advice to the Commission on matters requested by Senior Executives and on issues identified through monitoring and evaluation.
  • Ensure regular monitoring and evaluation of compliance issues for all Senior Executives.


Performance Management Guideline 2014


Recruitment and Selection Manual 2014

Recruitment & Selection – Senior Executives
Handbook 2016

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