Public Service Policy, Performance and Ethics

We are responsible for leading the development and reviews of high quality, innovative and evidence-based policies in the areas of human resource management and organizational performance so as to contribute to improved public service delivery, public service policy and skilled workforce. We conduct monitoring, evaluation, reporting and policy advice on human resource management to all Government stakeholders.

These are some of the roles and functions of our division:

  • Develop, Review and advice on the Working Conditions and Entitlements Manual for effective Human Resource Management (HRM) in the Samoa Public Service (SPS).
  • Develop and review HRM related Manuals for the improvement of performances in the Public Service.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of HRM practices and compliance through the collection and analysis of Ministry Quarterly Reports (MQR).
  • Provide HRM M&E role in consolidating and reporting on employees and other HRM statistics in the SPS (for data-based policy decisions and effective policy development and reviews).
  • Development of the Organizational Performance Assessment and Improvement Framework.
  • Development of the Machinery of Government Changes Guideline to assist with Functional and Structural Reforms in the SPS.
  • Effective and reliable Policy advice given to Ministries, Cabinet and Parliament.
  • Administering the implementation of the Public Service Day and the Public Service Innovation and Excellence Awards.

Lead the development and implementation of a work program and various initiatives so as to improve organisational and public service performance.