Human Resource Management Services

The Human Resource Management (HRM) Division provides the following services to support; government agencies’ human resource operations, and the Commission to administer human resource functions under its purview:

  1. Review and determine staffing structure and position establishment needs of government agencies that will effectively deliver mandated functions.
  2. Determine and review position classification, grading, salaries and allowances for the public service.
  3. Develop, review and advice on;
    • Merit-based recruitment and selection practices for general employment. (wages/temporary, permanent).
    • Performance management system for general staffing (wages/temporary, permanent).
    • Performance recognition and rewards (all tiers of employment).
  1. Assess and advice on;
    • Employee terms and conditions of employment
    • Working Conditions and Entitlements as per WCE Determinations 2018

The HRM Division also monitors and reports on human resource practices of government agencies to assess levels of compliance in accordance with policies, standards and the principles of employment stipulated under the PS Act 2004.