The Office of the Public Service Commission (PSC) held its 3rd Human Resource Coordinators (HRC) forum for the current financial year on Tuesday 27th March, 2018.

The forum raised the importance of communication between Ministries and the Office of the PSC and called for ways to improve communication channels; by using group emails for faster and reliable responses from PSC regarding any human resource (HR) matters. Thus, all representatives present at the Forum were encouraged to use division emails of the Office of the PSC to ensure swift responses are received from time to time. A list is provided below of division emails for the Office of the PSC to get in touch with should there be any pressing HR matters.

The gathering also provided an opportunity for Ministries to share best practises and provided PSC with an update on HR processes and procedures that are currently being used to improve service delivery. It was also an avenue for PSC to ensure feedback is provided to help Ministries with related HR matters raised during the meeting.

During the forum a presentation was delivered by the PSC’s Public Service Performance and Policy Division on ‘Samoa Public Service Human
Resource Management and Evaluation Reports for FY 2015/2016 & FY2016/2017.

This was followed by the HRC Roundtable which allowed for discussions on matters such as the Recruitment & Selection Process, Workforce Planning, Overseas Trainings, People One system, as well as Leave updates. The next forum is scheduled for late June 2018.

Please find below the division emails of the Office of the Public Service Commission and touch base with them on any HR matters: