The Office of the Public Service Commission held its last Human Resource Coordinators (HRCs) Forum for FY17/18 on Monday 25th June 2018.

The Forum was used as a great platform for all HRC’s to have the opportunity to come together to share and discuss issues, best practices and HR experiences to improve human resource management within various Government Ministries.

The representative from the Ministry of Finance – Naama Sinei of the Payroll Section of the Accounts Division used this forum to address some of the issues related to their line of work as requested by forum members in the previous meeting that was held in March. It was also an opportunity for the Public Service Commission to address issues and concerns raised by forum members in relation to issues such as the People One System, Organisational Structure and the Working Conditions and Entitlements 2015.

The Assistant Chief Executive Officer for the Human Resource Development Division – Sarona Esera Filipo conveyed a gratitude of thanks to all for attending the last forum for this financial year and the next Forum will be held in September this year.