The Public Administration Sector Plan 2014-2018 places a strong emphasis on client satisfaction and ensuring that the public service provides quality service at all times. Improving the quality of public service delivery is one of the primary goals for PASP. The public administration exists to serve the people of Samoa and several activities have been included to ensure that all employees understand what it means to be a ‘public servant’.

In 2014, the Office of the Public Service Commission undertook a Client Satisfaction Survey to gauge the level of satisfaction with Government service delivery. Although the survey found that the public thought service delivery had improved dramatically if compared with previous years, it also identified several Government agencies that needed to strengthen and improve the way they dealt with their clients.

To make a comparative analysis, the Commission will be rolling out the same initiative in February 2016. The survey, formerly known as the Client Satisfaction Survey will now be referred to as the Government Service Delivery Survey. It is anticipated that the survey will provide information needed to assist the Government with its proposed Service Improvement Program planned for 2016. All Government Ministries and agencies are expected to participate in this important survey as their commitment is required to strengthen public service delivery and to achieve a professional and competent public administration.