On the 22nd of March 2017, the Office of the Public Service Commission hosted the 1st Public Sector Chief Executive Officers Forum (CEO Forum) for financial year 2016/2017 at Hotel Elisa.

More than 50 participants attended the event. The annual gathering is an opportunity for CEOs to discuss and share best practices to address issues pertinent to the development of the country.

The Prime Minister, during his keynote address, reminded CEOs on the importance of their leadership roles. More importantly, he spoke about the new direction for the Public Service, transforming Samoa’s economy to become a Knowledge Based Economy (KBE).

The Prime Minister reflected on Singapore’s success premised on the development of human resources. He was optimistic that this should also be the pathway for Samoa for the future, with the Public Service Commission taking the lead.

The Hon. Minister of Finance, Sili Sala Epa Tuioti, highlighted Government’s intentions around the proposed Public Sector Reform announced in 2016.

Sili reminded the Forum of the importance of refining and simplifying Government processes to reduce red tape and bureaucratic hurdles to facilitate private sector growth. He also spoke about the need to provide more efficient and effective service delivery to the public through simplified structures and clear information centers that people can go to for assistance.

Ms. Rachel Hunter, an independent facilitator contracted by the Australian Public Service Commission, assisted with discussions based on the Minister’s address, on what the reform agenda should look like. The Forum highlighted the need for more discussions to give CEOs more time to deliberate on the topic and to set the right direction and priorities for the reforms.

Presentations from the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development and the National SDG Taskforce focusing on the Community and District Development Strategy, as well as the Localisation of the SDGs, followed afterwards.

A copy of the Prime Minister’s Speech is featured on page 9 for more information.