A training on Finance and Administration, the 4th PSC training for FY2018/2019 was held at the PSC Conference Room from the 24th to the 27th of September. Knowledge deteriorates over time and with the rapid changes due to the level of technology, knowledge and skills are to be refreshed and built from time to time. The training ensured that all Ministries have the capacity, methods and techniques to better handle Finance and Administration work in order to provide quality service to our people.

A good mixture of eighteen (18) participants attended this training steering towards achieving the following:

  • Understanding what Finance and Administration is in the Public Service;
  • Understanding the processes and key principles involved in Finance and Administration;
  • Identify and finding solutions to the challenges faced in the work of Finance and Administration;
  • Finding ways to better Finance and Administration services for success in the Public Service.

To achieve objections identified representatives from the Ministry of Finance and the Office of the Public Service Commission were invited to share their expertise and presented on areas such as Payroll, Procurement and Asset Management. Participation calibre included Officer, Senior and Principal levels who are involved in the daily operation of Finance and Administration work. Reflection of learning was evidenced in the knowledge shared during:

  • discussions and hands on activities conducted;
  • application of Finance and Administration principles, processes and procedures;
  • pre and post tests conducted.

Service delivery is a crucial part of the work of Public Servants and therefore needs more effective ways to provide services that meet the needs of all customers and stakeholders. Finance and Administration provided Ministries with more understanding of the mandates, guidelines and instructions to guide their work and to ensure timely and correct handling of all matters pertinent to it.

The training was conducted by Kalena Sootagamalelagi Segi (Principal Training & Development Consultant) with Sheila Warren (Policy Analyst – HRD Officer) as the Co-Trainer.

1st Row (L-R): Etenauga (OOTR), Freida (MWCSD), Timena (SPCS), Raine (MPMC), Vitolina (MOH),
Johanne (MPE), Ranan (MCIL), Maricel (SBS), Leonesa (MAF-Savai’i).

2nd Row: Theresa (MCIT), Siaosi (MESC), Chris (MNRE), Tufalaaia (MNRE), Christopher (MJCA), Kalena (PSC),
Kaleopa (MPE), Pusafa’i (MOF), Jude (MfR), Fugalaau (SLRC).