APPOINTMENTS are provisional where promotion is involved for persons appointed unless otherwise indicated. Provisional appointees should not take up appointments until they are confirmed. Confirmation of appointments will be notified in the Public Service Official Circular, if no appeals are received within 14 days of promulgation herein.

NOTICE OF APPEALS including grounds of appeals must be received by the Chairman, Public Service Commission, APIA by – 23rd April 2024

Ministry/OfficeVacancy CodePosition TitleSalary Grading
(p.a max)
Agriculture & FisheriesAG003414Research & Statistics OfficerA10
**Fetoai Leota
Customs & RevenueRE002483Assistant Customer Services OfficerA6
**Cruiser Fiu Nemaia
Foreign Affairs & TradeFT002076Senior Accounts & AdministrationA12
**Phillippa Tilomai Aiolupotea Gatoloai
Education & CultureEC000092Museum Officer & Information ToursA8
**Tumatilotilo Tapuai
Education & CultureEC000090Principal Audio Visual OfficerA16
**Alosio Apolosio Alalatoa
Education & CultureEC001163Senior PC Network OfficerA12
**Tauila Epati Tuumatavai
Education & CultureEC000173Principal Communication OfficerA16
**Meritiana Oti-Ng Lam
Education & CultureEC001117Principal Development Advisory OfficerA16
**Fetuao Schuster
Natural Resources & EnvironmentNE003435Senior Information Technology OfficerA13
**Matthew Laban
Natural Resources & EnvironmentNE003583Technician TraineeA3
**Neemia Tutasi
Natural Resources & EnvironmentNE003586Technician TraineeA3
**Christopher Hanipale Baker
Natural Resources & EnvironmentNE003557Office Assistant - Main OfficeA3
**Hinckley T I'aulualo
Samoa Bureau of StatisticsBS001037IT OfficerA10
**Raphael Amosa Sani
Samoa Bureau of StatisticsBS001070Statistical ClerkA3
**Tiara Sialaoa
Samoa Bureau of Statistics
Public Service CommissionPS003063Principal Compliance & Assurance OfficerA17
**Ianeta Peseta


Permanent Positions
Under Section 41 & 42 of the Public Service Act 2004

Ministry/OfficeVacancy CodePosition TitleSalary Grading
(p.a max)
Agriculture & FisheriesAG003356Fisheries Officer - SavaiiA10
Solomon Tufuga
Education & CultureEC000089Senior Heritage OfficerA12
Mercy Misileti Faaumuumu
FinanceFI003215Assistant Accounting OfficerA7
Evangelina Isaia
FinanceFI003301Labourer VaimeaA4
Remington Pesega Grey
Foreign Affairs & TradeFT002165Foreign Service OfficerA10
Siliafai Chong Wong
HealthMH001070Maintenance ManagerA16
John Tusiupu
HealthMH001437Driver - Foailalo District HospitalA3
Amosa Nikolao
HealthMH001634Security -TuasiviA3
Aigalemisa Naseri
HealthMH001635Driver - TuasiviA3
Mose Aiolupo
HealthMH001636Telephone Operator - TuasiviA4
Manera Manoo
HealthMH001312Oxygen AssistantA6
Tapuni Ah Sui
HealthMH001574Senior Plumber TechnicianA11
Tanielu Lemisio
Justice & Courts AdministrationJC002573Records Assistant OfficerA6
Seepa Faaosofia
Justice & Courts AdministrationJC003409Principal Executive Assistant to the Chief JusticeA16
Upolu Pouono
Justice & Courts AdministrationJC003410Senior Executive AssistantA14
Mato Liliko
Justice & Courts AdministrationJC002564LTC Records SupervsorA9
Sa Agalelei Pasi
Justice & Courts AdministrationJC003338Principal Human Resource OfficerA16
Voughnharmon Talapa
Natural Resources & EnvironmentNE003752Principal ERN OfficerA16
Sefo Fuiono
Natural Resources & EnvironmentNE000411Driver A3
Tui Taueva
Natural Resources & EnvironmentNE000428Driver - Main OfficeA3
Laupanini Elisara Leilua
Natural Resources & EnvironmentNE003634Records OfficerA10
Leeza Samasoni
Natural Resources & EnvironmentNE003370Scientific Officer - Climate ServicesA10
Mattaniah Salesa
Prime Minister & CabinetPM003608Research Officer - ImmigrationA10
Petronilla Amoa Vaaga
Prime Minister & CabinetPM003642Principal Human Resource and Training OfficerA16
Eseta Aperaamo-Faafetai
Works, Transport & InfrastructureWI003132Senior Inspection OfficerA13
Snooky Ulberg
Works, Transport & InfrastructureWI003157Senior Building Inspector - Savaii OfficeA12
Faitele Puaina Tafili
Works, Transport & InfrastructureWI003028Senior Building InspectorA12
Tasa Solomona
Works, Transport & InfrastructureWI003154Senior Road Safety OfficerA13
Christina Wanganui
Works, Transport & InfrastructureWI003002Senior AccountantA12
Sasa Moe
Works, Transport & InfrastructureWI003155Principal Building Permit OfficerA16
John Sila

Contract Positions
Under Section 34 of the Public Service Act 2004

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