A workshop on EFFECTIVE BUSINESS WRITING was held at the PSC Conference Room on the 19th – 23rd March 2018. This was to discuss elements of successful business writings within the Public Sector including assessment, facilitation, training reports, and transfer of skills and knowledge.

Nineteen participants invited from the various SOE’s were capacity built on becoming effective business writers, with key themes including:

  • Use variety of easy-to-learn business writing techniques.
  • Identify different types of report/writings structure, the benefits of the structure and structure for Public Sector reports.
  • Learn the importance of analysing intended audiences before communicating with them through any channel of communication.
  • Overcome bad writing habits

The caliber of participants that attended the training included middle management as well as senior staff members and officers who are involved in professional development programs and in their everyday work ensure capacity building of staff within their respective work places. Participants daily reflected on lessons learnt through:

  • Hands on activities to demonstrate different writing skills;
  • Analysis and strategic thinking to enhance level of writing; and
  • Productive discussions to acknowledge improvement in writing as well as networking.

Participants acknowledged with appreciation the new knowledge and skills acquired during the one week training, which they will apply in their respective work places.

The Training was conducted by Susan Piket (Director of Barbican Training Centre NZ), with Angela Palu-Phineas (Principal Training & Development Consultant, PSC) as the Co-Trainer. So’oalo Sydney Fa’asau, SICTP Manager, Oloamanu was involved in the official closing of this training.

In the presentation of Certificates, participants were again reminded of the current Recognition of all Samoa In Country Training Programme (SICTP) courses under Non-Formal Learning by the Samoa Qualifications Authority (SQA). The support of the Government of Samoa (Oloamanu Centre for Professional Development & Continuing Education – NUS) and the Development Partners (NZMFAT & DFAT), through the continuation of this vital Capacity Building initiative for all sectors in Samoa, under the Education Sector Support Programme (ESSP) 2015 – 2018 were also acknowledged with appreciation. Gratitude was also conveyed to GEF and EWACC through MNRE for their continual support and contribution to the success of this program.