The lifespan of the Public Administration Sector Plan 2013/14 – 2017/18 (PASP) officially ended in July 2018. In light of this, the Public Administration Sector Coordination Division (PASCD) have commenced preparations for the development of its subsequent five-year Plan.

Part of these preparations include an End-of-Plan or Post Implementation Report that highlights the achievements, challenges and lessons learnt for the Public Administration Sector (PAS) in the implementation of its Plan over the last five years. This Report had been developed and endorsed by the PAS Steering Committee and is scheduled to be presented at the upcoming Cabinet Development Committee meeting in October 2018.

Further to the End-of-Plan Report, the PASCD have submitted a proposal to the DFAT funded TA Facility under the Ministry of Finance, for a Consultant to develop its new Plan.

Additionally, another consultant will also be recruited under the USAID Climate Ready project to work closely with the DFAT consultant in developing the Plan, to ensure that Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change issues are properly addressed and streamlined into the new Plan.

The launching of the new five-year PASP is tentatively scheduled for February 2019.