The Office of the Public Service Commission (PSC) in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment (MNRE)- GEF/EWACC Project conducted a four half days training on DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS. The training was held at the PSC Conference room from Monday 9th – Thursday 12th April 2018.

Twenty-four participants were invited from various Government Corporations were capacity built on knowledge and skills on how to collect and analyse data effectively, with key themes including:

  • Clearly identify the targeted research topic;
  • Select, assemble and critically review the data and information as a basis for planning and implementing an independent research project;
  • Select, evaluate and use appropriate research methodology to investigate and collect the correct data;
  • Understand the format and need to present findings in a well-constructed report;
  • Thoroughly analyse findings for effective results and decision making.;

The calibre of participants who attended the training included Principal, Senior and Officer levels whose line of roles are in line with research, collecting and analysing data. Participants positively reflected on day 5 on lessons learnt such as:

  • The training enhanced their understanding on the differences between data and information;
  • The training discussed research methodologies to investigate and collect data;
  • The training allowed participants to demonstrate their knowledge and skills on how to collect and analyse data;
  • The training enabled participants to share their experiences on data collection and analysis;

Sione Leleimalefaga from the Ministry of Police delivered a thank you speech on behalf of the participants. He acknowledged the Public Service Commission for continuing conducting trainings for Government Corporations employees which enhance their understanding and skills in collecting and analysing data. He assured that the new knowledge and skills obtained will be share to their work colleagues and offices.

The Training was conducted by Faafetai Vaevaina (Principal Human Resource Planning Officer) of the Public Service Commission. During certificate presentations, Kalena Segi of the Public Service Commission for the Human Resource and Development Division, conveyed appreciation on behalf of the Commission on the partnership between PSC and GEF/ EWACC Project in ensuring that our people are capacity built on training needs identified. She also reminded the participants to retain and shared the new learning to their co -workers.