The Public Service Commission (PSC) through its Public Service, Performance and Policy (PSPP) in collaboration with the Ministry for Public Enterprises (MPE) conducted consultations for the public sector to standardized an Induction Program across the public service. This is in line with one of the activities highlighted in the Public Administration Sector Plan 2021 -2025 to improve the quality of service delivered by Government in having a skilled workforce.

The main objective of the proposed Induction Program is to have in place a result-oriented and performance-driven human resource management framework for the public sector.

The first phase of consultations with Government agencies took place on the 29 – 30th November, 2021 and this was to gauge the views of Human Resource Coordinators (HRC) and HR personnel of existing Induction Programs they have in place so to assist with the development of the Standardized Induction Program across the public sector.

Prior to the consultation sessions, a survey was distributed to all Government Ministries including State Owned Enterprises, Constitutional Bodies, Stand Alone Agencies and Statutory Bodies with the intention of collecting information for a database of experiences of HR personnel and Employees recruited within the past two years regarding their existing induction programs. As a result of the survey, the PSC and MPE presented the survey findings at the consultations.

It is anticipated that this activity will be rolled out and completed by the end of the current financial year.

The consultation sessions took place at the Samoa Shipping Services Conference Room at Savalalo.