The new Public Administration Sector Plan (PASP) was presented at the Human Resource Coordinators (HRC) Forum that was held on the 23rd October, 2020 as part of its communication and awareness campaign for key stakeholders in the public sector.

The Assistant Chief Executive Officer for the Public Administration Sector Coordination Division – Ms. Osana Liki-Ward presented on the phased approach the Sector adopted to develop the new Sector Plan. She provided the context around the importance of the Public Administration Sector Plan, noting that the first one was developed in 2007/2008, the second in 2013/2014, and now with the new one developed with the assistance of the Samoa Governance Support Programme.
In her presentation, she also highlighted the PASP’s three main End of Sector Plan Outcomes (ESPO) which in a nutshell aims at achieving the Plan’s Long -Term Outcome of – “A trusted, citizen-focused, public administration”.

Ms. Ward also encouraged all stakeholders to take ownership of the new PASP noting the importance of their roles and responsibilities in the public service. As quoted “as a reminder to us all present here today, the PASP belongs to all public servants in the public sector, and not just the PSC. We are all public administrators and we have a role in implementing and supporting the PASP at all levels.”

A copy of the current PASP can be downloaded at the following link – and should you have any further queries in relation to the activities highlighted in the plan, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at the following email address –