The Cabinet through FK (19) 32, approved the annual Public Service Day (PSD) to be commemorated on Friday the 27th of September 2019. Similar to the PSD 2018 celebrations, Government Agencies were asked to commemorate the day in their own way.

The focus of the PSD relayed in the PSC Circular Memorandum 2019/06 reiterated for all Government Agencies to conduct individual programs/activities to raise awareness on their services and to include the presentation of a team award on Customer Service/Service Delivery Initiative to recognize and reward the hard work and commitment of their employees and any other relevant award in their own way.

Similarly, the Public Service Commission is continuing its awareness through the distribution of the Information Packages to all the Village representatives (Sui o Nu’u and Sui Tama’ita’i o Nu’u) in collaboration with the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development. The update Information Packages has also been referred to the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture for distribution electronically to all schools.