The Office of the Public Service Commission through its Senior Executive Services Division have updated the Recruitment and Selection Manual Process for Senior Executives in its   Circular Memorandum PSC 2019/2020 – 35 that was disseminated to all Government Ministries, Office of the Regulator, The Government Statistician and the Samoa Law Reform Commission.

The amendments made is particular to the “Application Information Package and R&S Forms”. The notable changes are as follows:

1. The Application Information Package is a comprehensive and inclusive guide for potential candidates. The package includes the following sections:

  • How to Apply
  • Background Information
  • Job Description
  • Remuneration Information
  • Form 2

2. The Application Information Package will be used for Chief Executive Officer positions to ensure the R&S process is applied consistently for all Government Senior Executives.

3. The Shortlisting Form 3 and Interview Forms 4&5 have been re-formatted to be more user-friendly for the Selection Panel.

The above changes came into effect on the Official Public Service Circular Issue 26 on Friday 3 July 2020. For further enquiries please contact the Senior Executive Services Division on email –