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The Samoa Public Service Commission issues a range of information covering a wide range of HR issues. The following manuals, legislations, reports and plans are current under the Public Service Act 2004.


Public Service Act

An Act to modernise the legislative framework for the Samoa Public Service.

Download Eng Ver (PDF)
Download Sam Ver (PDF)

Public Service Regulations 2008

Download Eng Ver (PDF)
Download Sam Ver (PDF)


Working Conditions & Entitlements Manual

This Manual provides a factual and clear guide to working conditions and entitlements for all Public Servants in the Samoa Public Service.

WCE 2015 (PDF)
WCE 2009 (PDF)

Recruitment & Selection Manual

This Manual provides a guide to the recruitment and selection for all Senior Executives of the Public Service.

RnS Manual 2014 (PDF)
RnS Manual 2012 (PDF)
RnS Manual 2011 (PDF)
RnS Manual 2005 (PDF)

Managing of the Breaches of Code of Conduct Manual

This Manual is designed to assist Ministries in managing breaches of the Code of Conduct by Officers and Contract Employees in the SPS in accordance with the current legislative framework.

MBCC 2013
MBCC 2005


Corporate Plan

The Office of the Public Service Commission presents its Corporate Direction planned for the next four years: 2015 – 2019.

CP 2015 – 2019
CP 2011 – 2014
CP 2008 – 2011


Public Administration Sector Plan

This Plan reflects the commitment of the Public Administration to increase its efficiency and effectiveness for high quality public administration service that is consistent and client focused.

PASP 2013 -2018 (PDF)
PASP 2007 -2011 (PDF)

Samoa Public Service Workforce Plan

This Plan reflects the strategic direction and logical progression of the activities the commission has set for itself in the medium term.
Download Eng Ver (PDF)

Management Plan

This Plan outlines outputs, divisional activities and performance measures to measure performances of the Public Service Commission, comes the end of Financial Year 2014-2015.

MP 2014-2015
MP 2010-2011

Report, Newsletter & Other

General Salary Scale

PS salary scale as of Jan 2014


Annual Reports

Public Service Commission’s annual report on its activities.

AR 2013/14

AR 2012/13

AR 2011/12

AR 2008/10
AR 2005/07