Public Service Performance & Policy Services

We are responsible for ensuring that the Public Administration Sector Plan is implemented appropriately through effective monitoring and evaluation, provide support and advice to the PASP Steering Committee, ensure that a Performance Management System for the Public Service is in place and conduct investigation and assist Ministries in managing breaches of the Code of Conduct. These are some of the roles and functions of our division:

  • Develop/formulate and review policies for effective human resource management in the Samoa Public Service;
  • Provide policy advice to Cabinet, PSC, Ministries/Offices as well as the broader public administration on HR policy related matters as and when required;
  • Lead the development and implementation of a work program and various initiatives so as to improve organisational and public service performance;
  • Undertake ongoing Service Delivery assessments of Ministries/Offices customer services to ensure the Public Service is providing quality customer services to its stakeholders and the general public;
  • Provide HRM Monitoring and Evaluation role in consolidating and reporting on employees and other HRM statistics in the SPS (for well informed policy decisions and effective policy development)
  • Undertake Functional Review of the Public Service to determine a necessary broad operating structure for the most effective and efficient performance of Ministries functions.
  • We also administer the Samoa Public Service Awards process

Nominations to the Samoa Public Service Innovation and Excellence Awards 2017

The Public Service Commission is pleased to invite nominations for the 2017 Samoa Public Service Innovation and Excellence Awards for individuals and teams. These awards will be presented to successful nominees during the 2017 Public Service Day celebrations.

Online version of the Nomination Form also available below for your perusal.
Nomination Form