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The quality of staff selection decisions by Ministries has a major impact on the ability of Ministries to achieve their goals and objectives. Recruitment and selection is a critical part of human resource management undertaken by managers and it can have a real effect on the effectiveness and efficiency of the Samoa Public Service. The fundamental principles of selection based on merit and ensuring procedural fairness must be adhered to at all times.


NB: Please uplift R&S Application Form 2 from the contact person in each Ministry. Application Forms are to be sent to the Ministry concerned. Application Forms (R&S Form 2) are to be used by ALL Applicants.  For an Applicant who has just left school, a reference from the last school attended and/or Certificate of Attainment must be submitted with the application.

Permanent Positions

Under Section 34 of the Public Service Act 2004

PSOC Issue 12

Ministry/Office Vacancy Code Position Title Salary Grading
(p.a max)
Deadline Uplift Form 2 from:
Agriculture & Fisheries AG000928 Nightwatchman A3
13-Apr-2015 Henrietta Mano,
TATTE Building, Level 4
Communications & Information Technology CT002700 Principal Broadcasting / Postal Policy Officer
(Re-Advertised: Previous Applicants need not re-apply)
13-Apr-2015 Mati Sekuini,
Level 6, TATTE Building
Finance FI003255 Investigation Officer A10
13-Apr-2015 Lise Vailaau,
Level 4, CBS Building
" FI003147 Senior Budget Officer A12
13-Apr-2015 "
" FI003158 Accounting Officer (CSSD) A8
13-Apr-2015 "
" FI003215 Assistant Accounting Officer A7
13-Apr-2015 "
" FI003244 Aid Coordination Officer A10
13-Apr-2015 "
" FI003138 Senior Loans Management Officer A12
13-Apr-2015 "
Health MH001220 Senior Regulatory and Monitoring Officer A15
13-Apr-2015 Liupapa Avauli,
" MH001034 Statistical Clerk A3
13-Apr-2015 "
" MH001028 Senior Health Librarian A11
13-Apr-2015 "
Justice & Courts Administration JC002561 Court Officer - Supreme
(Re-Advertised: Previous Applicants need not re-apply)
13-Apr-2015 Soara Siamomua,
" JC003269 Registration Assistant A6/A7
13-Apr-2015 "
Law Reform Commission LC000003 Principal Legal Analyst
(Re-Advertisement: Previous Applicants need not re-apply)
13-Apr-2015 Malaea Feterika,
Ground Floor, Govt Building
Natural Resources & Environment NE000765 Nightwatchman - Vaitele Fou Reserve A3
13-Apr-2015 Nusipepa Lepale,
TATTE Building, Level 3
Revenue RE002497 Principal Internal Audit and Risk
(Re-Advertisement: Previous Applicants need not re-apply)
13-Apr-2015 Melesete Soonalole,
DBS Building, Level 4
" RE002547 Principal Customs Officer - Client Services and CCA
(Re-Advertisement: Previous Applicants need not re-apply)
13-Apr-2015 "


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